George Karras

Professor of Economics
Department of Economics, UH 714
University of Illinois at Chicago
Tel: (312) 996-2321
Fax: (312) 996-3344
Office Hours (Spring 2024): On Sabbatical

Curriculum Vitae

Entry for Who's Who in Economics

Athenian Silver Tetradrachm, Greece, 449-413 B.C.

Current Semester
ECON 221
ECON 512

Undergraduate Courses - Past Semesters
ECON 221
ECON 333
ECON 339

Graduate Courses - Past Semesters
ECON 512
ECON 515
ECON 534

Ming Dynasty Coin, China, Emperor Hsi Tsung, 1621-1628


Pandemics and Trade in the 21st century: Evidence from Five Pre-Covid Pandemics (with Joao Jalles) OER 2023

Fiscal policy in the 21st century: Evidence on Automatic Stabilizers in the European Union (with Michael C.-Y. Yang) JGE 2022

Did 272 billion dollars from China help stabilize business cycle fluctuation in recipient countries? (with Loujaina Abdelwahed) RIE 2021

Are "twin deficts" asymmetric? Evidence on government budget and current account balances, 1870-2013 IE 2019

Macroeconomic Volatility and the Current Account: Evidence from a Panel of OECD Countries IEJ 2017

Low Inflation versus Stable Inflation: Evidence from the UK ScJPE 2015

Fiscal Policy Spillovers through Trade Openness JEI 2014

Asymmetic Effects of Monetary Policy with or without Quantitative Easing JEA 2013

Trade Openness and the Effectiveness of Fiscal Policy: Some Empirical Evidence IREC 2012

From Hero to Zero? The Role of the Euro in the Current Crisis: Theory and Some Empirical Evidence IAER 2011

Land and Population Growth in the Solow Growth Model: Some Empirical Evidence EL 2010

Demographics and the Current Account: Theory and Empirical Evidence JEA 2009

Business Cycle Synchronization in the EMU (with D.Furceri) AE 2008

How Productive Are Government Activities? Evidence from a Sample of OECD Countries, AEQ 2007

Country Size and Business Cycle Volatility: Scale Really Matters (with D.Furceri) JJIE 2007

Foreign Aid and Long-Run Economic Growth: Empirical Evidence for a Panel of Developing Countries, JIDev 2006

Is There a Yen Optimum Currency Area? Evidence from Eighteen Asian and Pacific Economies, JWE 2005

How Homogenizing Are Monetary Unions? Evidence from the U.S. States, NAJEF 2003

Morgan Silver Dollar, United States, 1878-1921


Has Economics Made Amends? By Arvind Subramanian

Past Months

Global Competitiveness, 2009-2010 From the World Economic Forum

Making the recovery sustainable By Olivier Blanchard

Is Bernanke fighting the last war? By Anna Schwartz

Who's Afraid of Offshoring? By Alan Blinder

Is GDP per capita a good measure of well-being? From OECD's Going for Growth (Chapter 6)

Preparing for a Pandemic. From Foreign Affairs

A World Economic Outlook. From the IMF

The Greatest Equations Ever. From Physics Web

Get Ready: The EURO is here! From the European Central Bank

Milton Friedman's cure for Health Care. In the Public Interest


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